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Episode 2: Campaigns for Inclusion – In Advocacy and Life

In this episode of Fatima’s Hand, Carla Chianese gives insights about the nature of behavioral-based change campaigns – in work and life. This enriching and personal conversations covers a wide range of topics: how voter education is organized through grassroots campaigns, strategies for countering fake news, the impact of the #MeToo movement and what it’s like to raise a son in a racially blended family. Learn coping skills for deflecting harsh judgements put on the shoulders of mothers raising young children and what women can do to get more active and engaged in the business of change making.

Aussie born Carla is a changemaker and creative communicator. She is a civic engagement and strategic communications specialist with over 10 years’ experience in democracy education, advocacy campaigns and inclusion.

She has successfully designed and implemented nationwide public information and behavioral change campaigns covering political and social issues and has specialist knowledge in using opinion research to shape behavior change communications, creating inclusive and accessible messaging, intersectionality and designing complimentary offline and online campaigns.

Carla has spent the last six years in Kenya where she was appointed to government and civil society task forces, developed national outreach, public communications, rapid response and civic engagement programs and was appointed as the Director of the Nairobi Node of the Dialogue, Empathic Engagement and Peace Building (DEEP) Global Network. Most recently Carla has been working on creative engagement strategies around elections with Kenyan civil society and government institutions through the Kenyan office of the International Foundation for Electoral Assistance.

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